My name is Allison Cabello.
I'm a junior at MacArthur and I'm 16.
My birthdays on may 10th, and I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas :)
I love tanning, going to the beach or river, hanging out with friends.
I love to have fun&be wild and crazyyy (:
I used to be in gymnastics, I love music, going to concerts,and moshing.
I want to go into the medical field because ever since I was little I would play doctor
and I would go around and take everyone's temperature, feel their head, check their heartbeat.
Yeah, people would get really annoyed.
I LOVE trucks

3 Career paths:
  1. Dentist
  2. Vetrinarian
  3. Plastic Surgeon

I want to be a Dentist, because I'm really interested in Orthdontics.
I've always had an interest in dentistry. I would have to get my high school diploma,
4 years of college, then
I would want to become a Vetrinarian because I love animals
I want to help them, and make them healthier.

I would want to pursue Plastic Surgery so I could help people with
their traumatic scars, or imperfections so I could make then feel better
about themselves.

Texas State University
I really want to go to Texas State :)