Integumentary System
By:Alyssa Baumann,Velia, Destiny, Estefania G.

Integumentary System-
The integumentary system is the largest organ system with a variety of functions

  • Protects the body’s inter tissues and organs
  • Protects the body from injury
  • Protects the body from dehydration
  • Helps regulate body tempature and any sudden tempature change
  • Help get rid of waste materials
  • Act as a receptor for touch, pressure, pain, heat, and cold
  • Protects the body against sunburns and pain
  • Generates vitamin D
  • Stores water, fat, glucose, and vitamin D


Integumentary System includes 3 layers that make up the skin.
The Epidermis is the outermost or deepest layer which does not have any direct access to blood supply. As soon as cells are pushed to this layer, the immediately and create a new epidermis every 35-45 days.
The Dermis or the "true skin" is made up of two layers called the papillary layer and the reticular layer. The Dermis is 10-40 thicker than The epidermis. The dermis is tissue supporting the skin.

The Subcutaneous or Hypodermis is the intermost layer and thickest layer of the skin. It protects the organs beneath the skin.

What To Look For!
Yellow Skin- May be a factor of jaundice or liver disease
Wrinkling Skin- Old Age or dehydration
Cherry Red Skin- Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Abnormal Dry Skin- Abnormal deficiency of thyroid or diabetes

-Through out your life time, you will shed 40 pounds of skin
-Every minute 30,000-40,000 dead skin cells fall off your body
-Every month your body will have a new layer of skin


The field of medical practice involving the integumentary system is called? Dermatology
What is the medical term for freckles? Ephelides
What is the integumentary system made up of?Ephelides Hair, Skin, and Nails

The Integumentary System, is important to every human and it is impposibe to not have skin. Everybodys skin is different, some or more sensative than others, the color might be diffrent, the thickness or texture will differ throughout the body. There are two diffrent types of skin, thin and hairy. But everybodys skin functions the same way and helps a person the same way.