My name is Ashlee

-I was born with black hair
-I dance for a studio called SASPA
-Im the captian of the honor guard
-I was in the Nutcracker ballet for SASPA
-I have been dancing since i was 4 years old

I want to be a nurse for the NICU. The reason for this is my older sister died in the NICU.
So she is my reason for doing this this is why i would love to work with the pre-mature babies.

To become a RN i would have to get my GED from high school then take my four basics that also includes my nursing classes then get my bsn for nursing then go to the hospital to specialization in NICU.

To become a massage therapist i would have to have GED then to the basics for massage therapy then have to find a job that calls for a massage therapist.