1. Been to 9 European countries.
  2. Pit Bull/German Shepard Mix named Hades.
  3. Favorite Movie: Kill Bill Vol.1
  4. Favorite Song: Bennie and the Jets
  5. Have this thing where the volume on my t.v. has to end in a 0 or 5

kill_bill_vol_1_2.jpg Hades.JPG


I want to be able to know all there is to know about medications and their effects on people.
  • Finish Highschool
  • 4 years of College
  • 4 years of Pharmacy School
  • Residency
University of Texas at Austin School of Pharmacy


Want to better understand diseases and what cause them.
  • Bachelors Degree
  • 4 Years Medical school
  • 4 Years Residency


Want to experience and see all kinds of different human behaviors and help to correct the negative behaviors.
  • College - 4 years (Obtain BA or BS)
  • Medical School - 4 years (Obtain MD)
  • Psychiatry Residency Training - 4 years