Five Fun Facts About Me:

  • My favorite band is a group from Iceland called Sigur Ros
  • I am half Japanese
  • I love children
  • I am a senior
  • I love to travelexternal image music_sigur2.jpg

Children with Globe
Children with Globe

Career Choices and Timelines

  • Pediatrician

- I love children and I would really enjoy helping and working with them
-Complete high school- Four years of college- Four years of medical school- Three years of residency
  • Nurse Practioner

- I would be able to specialize in pediatrics and maybe travel to places where there aren't enough doctors and nurses
-Complete high school- Four years of college- Complete a Master of Science in Nursing degree program
  • Phycologist

- I think it would be very interesting to learn about the mind, and I would like helping people overcome their problems
-Complete high school- Earn bachelors and masters degree- Earn Ph.D. in phycology