Hi, I'm Estefania

My name is Estefania and i'm a senior at Mac!
Five Fun Facts About Me 1. I love watching movies
2. I speak english and spanish
3. I had a lobster and a chicken as a pet(no i didn't eat the lobster after it died)
4. I love to read and listen to music
5. I love spending time with my friends and family.

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Careers I Like
Pediatrician- because i like kids. To arrive at this career you have to graduate high school, it takes 4 years of basics, and another 4 years of medical school plus 2-3 years of residency.
Phsyical therapist- I like the fact that they help people recover from their injuries. To become one I must graduate high school then take 3-4 years of basics and then 3 years of physical therapy school.
Nurse- I like helping people and nurses seem to know and do alot of things. To become a nurse i must graduate high school and than complete 2-3 years of a nursing program.