Facts About Me
1. Im a senior at Mac.
2. Im the oldest child. I have a sister, Michelle, and twin brothers, Bryan and Ryan.
3. I have a rat terrier dog named Ruby.09-10-09_1828.jpeg
4. Im an easy person to get along with.
5. After I graduate from high school I'm planning on going to college to work in the medical field.

Career Choices

1. Nurse- I am interested in the nursing field because I think that I would enjoy caring for the patients, and working with the doctors.

To Become a Nurse I will need to:

Go to College for a Nursing Degree (2 years)Study Nursing in a Hospital/ClinicComplete State License Exam

2. Pediatrician- I think that I will be good to work as a children's doctor because I am patient and relaxed and I like little kids.

To Become a Pediatrician I will need to:

Go to College and get a 4 year degreeGo to Medical School (4 years)Apply for a residency training course

3. Anesthesiologist- I would like to give the patient the right medicine before the procedure so they can be relaxed for their operation.

To Become a Anestesiologist I will need to:

Go to College to get a 4 year degree Go to Medical School to get a medical degreeApply for a residency training course

I am very serious about the medical field. Since I can remember I have always wanted to be something in the medical field, though I could never decide exacty what I want to be, thats why I am in Clinical Rotation, so I can actually see how it is to be in a hospital atmosphere, and get all the knowledge I need to know so I can finally decide what my career is going to be.