Rachael Alvarado<3

me and the ah-mazing boyfriend todd :) :)

I'm a senior this year and I am so glad for it being my last year in high school, and being on my own in the real world!!! :) :) :)

I have a wonderful mother named Lettie Hudgeons, and a little sister named Cari Alvarado. My mom is a Registered Nurse and as been for 14 years, she works agency right now. My sister is 7th grader. I do not talk to my father really at all, it is a very long story.

my mommy <3 :)

My career goals:

I have considered several things to become after I graduate from high school:

  • Becoming a Pharmacist
I may want to become a phamacist so I can learn about mixing drugs together and their side effects.
  • Becoming a Registered Nurse
Being a RN I have always wanted to do, ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to help treat people without actually being a doctor and giving out perscriptions and all that because I knew I would never have the best grades to become a doctoe. But now, if I become a RN I just might become a Nurse Practioner so I can write perscriptions and such.
  • Going into a Radiology program and majoring in Ultrasound.
I do no know why, but it sounds so cool to go into ultrasound, it really does. I feel like it would be a great expeierence to find out how to do the ultasounds, and actually show women their little babies to be, or show people anything else that might be wrong with them.

This is a big year for me to decide what I want to become and where I want to study at.

Additionally I also want to be a Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT. I have always wanted to become a LMT to help people out with any kind of problems they may have with their backs. It may also help me out while I am trying to get through school, and help pay for it.

me and the bestie rosee :)

Fun Facts About Me :) :

  • I love to shop and just have a good time with my friends.
  • I also love to work at my job, Payless Shoe Source at the Forum, I have made alot of new friends there, and we are like one big happy working familly there, and it it such a blast.
  • I also love to hang out with my family, no matter how much I may deny it. They are so much fun to hang out with, they are hilarious and no matter how much I may get irritated with them and may not be able to stand them at times, I know they are always there for me no matter what happens with me.
  • This year I am keeping myself busy, besides working, with school activties such as HOSA, FBLA, and the SENIOR BOARD.
  • I love learning new things about the medical field, because I know it will help me though the high school and afterwards as well.
  • Oh yeah I am really obessesed with tattoos, I do not know why, but I am. I think they are soooo cool. I'm hoping to get one as soon as I turn 18 in April.

I honestly do not know where I want to go to college just yet, this year I am going to make my decesion on where I want to go.