Hellooooo! My name is Valerie! I'm 17 years old currently and I'm a senior here at Mac.

5 Facts

  • I am one of the biggest Harry Potter fans ever.
  • I love to sing & dance a little. I'm in Varsity Choir at Mac and also in Premiere.
  • My dog is named Cristina Aguilera. She's a chocolate lab.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession making origami lucky stars
  • I am more specifically a Mexican Peruvian Japanese American but I just consider myself more Hispanic.

Three Possible Career Choices


I've always been interested in the way the mind works and being a psychiatrist gives me a more wider range of cases from children to a person with a severe case of a mental disorder.
  • Typically, a High School Diploma, 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, then practice as a Psychiatric resident for another 4 years.

Funeral Director (Mortician)

It's a career that I can really see myself doing other than being a Psychiatrist. Even in the hardest of times, I have the tendency of being there for other people with respect. It's nice how many people can trust someone to do such a personal favor for themselves (during pre-need, obviously) or their loved ones.
  • High School Diploma, 1-3 years of mortuary college, obtain License, however must take continuing education to be familiar to newer, safer techniques.

Cosmetic Surgeon (a.k.a. Plastic Surgeon)

I am also interested in this career because I like to help people that need it. For example, if they've been severely burned that it completely altered their appearance. I'll do everything I possibly can to make them return to their original state.
  • High School Diploma, 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, 3 years of Residency, 5-6 years of training, obtain license.

Baylor University
Even though I won't be able to go to this school due to financial issues, I would seriously love going to this school.