Hi i am Brianne
5 fun facts

  1. I play varisty softball at mac!!
  2. I have an older sister named Jessica, and one step sister named Tori.
  3. I have 2 dogs lo and elsie!
  4. My favorite color is bright orange.
  5. And i love any type of country music :)
Three futrue occupations
  1. Marine Biologist- Graduate from high school with taking lots of science classes- then go to a college that has a good program just go through that basics then after 4 years go for your masters in what you decide to speicalize in- do interships at places that will be benifical for you!
  2. Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT) - Graduate from High School - 4 years of College ( take many science classes and stay pre-med) - 4 more years of Medical School - then 5 years of ENT school.
  3. Physical Therapist - Graduate from High School - Go to a College that majors in PT- You will need either your bachelor's or master's degree in physical therapy - Then you need to pass a mandatory test before you become a Physical Therapist.

Texas A&M

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