Hi! my name is Kaitlin Anne Davis but I go by Katie. I am currently attending Mac Arthur High School where I am a senior focusing on health careers.

5 fun facts about me are:

Almost every person in my family is or was in the medical field at some point.
I have been in spirit group since I was a freshman.
I have had two different surgeries in my sophmore year.
I have a tea cup chihuahua named Laila like the Eric Clapton song she is like my child and goes everywhere with me (although we do not apprectate being compared to paris and tinkerbell)
I live with my father in a house 3 miles away from my mom.

In the future i plan on graduating, and then attending UT Health Science Center to become a EMT. This way I will be able to work while I am recieving my nursing degree. Proceeding nursing school I plan on working in the emeregency room, and possibily, after working for a while paying my own way threw medical school.

Graduate, EMT, get a job
Nursing: graduate, nursing school, get a job
Doctor: graduate, nursing school, get a job, medical school, internship.