Hi, Im Kayla! I am currently a senior this year and in the 5th and 6th clinical rotation. I am interested in becoming a Pharmacist.

5 fun facts about me:

I am an ex-dancer.
I am 5'11".
I am a miracle baby.
I love to hang out with my friends.

Pharmacist: High school, college/university, pharmacy school, internship.
Nurse: High school, college/university, nursing school.
Doctor: High school, college/university, medical school, internship.

I want to be a pharmacist because i like knowing what all the medications mean and what the side affects are.

I would like to be a nurse because its more of a hands on job than a pharmacist. Nurses get to see and do alot more than a Pharmacist.

Doctor's also get to do alot more hands on surgeries and operations. Doctor's get to save lives on a daily basis and thats the best job you can have.