Hi im Velia Gutierrez, I'm a junior at Macarthur.I love to listen to music and chill. My Friends and family are my life....I love my dad even though he gets me super angry sometimes. I am a BIG fan of Hello Kitty...i think she is super cute. I'm currently working at Quiznos located in the airport. Its a cool job the people i work with are really nice. My favorite music artist are Damien Rice, and Anthony Green(Circa Survive), and Joshua Radin.

lasik eye surgeon :): To get youre bachlores, 4 years of medical school, optomatry school, then residance and then im there :)

Clinic docter:
Bachelores, 4 years of medical schooland then im done :)

heart surgeon
college,medican school,residency training in surgery, and then training in cardiothoracic surgery