• What is cholera?
Cholera is a bacterial infection of the intestines.

  • Who gets cholera?
Cholera doesn't target any certain age group or gender.

  • How is cholera spread?
Cholera is spread by living in unclean areas, eating comtamamated foods, drinking uncleaned water and by being in close contact with someone who has cholera.

  • What are the symptoms and when do they appear?
Symptoms are: Abdominal cramps, dry mucucs membrane in mouth and nose, dry skin, excessive thrist, glassy and sunken eyes, lack of tears, lethargy low urine output, nausea, rapid dehydration, rapid pulse, sunken soft spots on infants, unusually tired, vomiting, and watery sudden diarrhea.

  • When and for how long is the person able to spread cholera?