Hey my name il_a96ade256a4746e6a846cf5d938538-1.jpgs
041-1.jpgBecca Jalomo(:

Five Fun Facts:
· I have two dogs and two cats, Gordo and Teddy Bear are the dogs and Frankie and Snickers are the cats
· Im 17 and the baby of the family
· Im double jointed in my thumbs
· I love to make goodies for my friends
· I love oldies

Three possible Career choices:
· Im thinking about being a Child Life Specialist, Because I love to work and be around kids. I would have to get my Bachelors Degree in psychology->an education in family counseling, child development, family dynamics, and in cultural sociology, study the illnesses of children, also Volunteering at a center or camp that focuses on children with major illnesses.

· Im also thinking about becoming a OBGYN. First 4 years at a university with a pre-med major, 3 years of training and working at an actual hospital which is called residency afterwards. It could possibly take up to eight years of residency to be a licensed doctor.

The last one would be a Nutritionist, first I would have to
Apply for the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education's bachelor's or master's degree. Find an accredited internship in my field of interest to get nutritionist career training, Then Choose to take an accredited coordinated program to get my hours logged. Both supervised practice and education in the academic sense count to become a certified nutritionist.

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